About us

We are the group of experienced mechanical engineers decided to unite our experience and offer mechanical design work in different fields. We use 3D software, Solid Works and Inventor.

Our 20 years’ experience is from companies working on:

  • Production company of gears and gear boxes, machine elements (machined, heat treated, welded),
  • Production and installation of different kind of steel structures (welded, bolted, sheet metal, etc.),
  • Maintenance of different machineries as mines and construction equipment etc.
  • Oil and Gas Industry maintenance and EPC project (pipelines, oil storage tanks, pressure vessels, pump skids),
  • Food industry (conveyors, vessels, mixers etc.),
  • Automatic store houses racking system etc.

We also have experience in mechanical production technologies, supervision of construction work.

We are familiar with different standards DIN, EN, ISO, API, ANSI, AWS…, and we use them according customer’s requirement.

Customers’ requirements: quality, delivery time and price, are on the first place.

We are flexible, working per hour or per project depending from customers’ requirements.

There is possibility of long term contract or partnership with our client.

We are ready for confidential agreement to keep safe and confidential customers’ documentation.